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ANCE school partnership Partner Schools will transform School learning in your institution, from kindergarten to higher education, 


ANCE offers

Beautiful BOOKS for Afro-centric Learning. To build the future of african education.

"A multi-media presentation technology in the classroom to engage and energize students."

Websites containing educational materials and exercises corresponding to the textbooks.

Teachers from ANCE who create a joyful and dynamic learning environment.

ANCE a product of the best education systems in world. 

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As you embark on your academic journey, consider the opportunities awaiting you in Finland. 
Start the path to success with us today! 
Study for free via the language pathway: afriproedu and explore affordable English-taught courses. 

Discover if you qualify

Construction Manager
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English classes for All

In 2024, mastering English is your key to global opportunities. From professional growth to cultural immersion, fluency opens doors in our borderless world. Embrace English to connect, enrich, and succeed globally.


Writing Exam
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Premier Educational Tours to Finland: Elevate African education with transformative insights from Finland's renowned system. Designed for African leaders, educators, and decision-makers seeking to harness Finnish excellence and modern leadership skills in education.


Travel to Finland

Conference Break Time
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A comprehensive training program tailored to the needs of African countries, focused on key sectors such as agriculture, education, renewable energies, and the digital economy, aiming to develop skills and train a qualified workforce in Africa.


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