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Farmer Project Registration Guide:

This step-by-step guide provides farmers with a clear path to register their projects and participate in the Diaspora AgriInvest community.

1. Visit Registration Page:
   - Go to the Afri-nordic connect website and find the "Register Your Project" page.

2. Create/Log In to Your Account:
   - If you're new, create an account with your details.
   - If you already have an account, log in to access the project registration form.

3. Complete Project Details:

- Fill in essential project information.
   - Include project goals, land size, and production estimates.

4. Budget Breakdown:
   - Provide a breakdown of your budget.
   - Include costs for seeds, equipment, labor, and other essentials.

5. Sustainability Practices:
   - Highlight environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.
   - Emphasize sustainable farming methods.

6. Community Impact:
   - Describe the expected impact on the local community.
   - Include job creation and other positive outcomes.

7. Upload Supporting Documents:
   - Submit necessary documents such as land ownership/lease papers and financial records.

8. Virtual Tour Availability (Optional):
   - Indicate if you're open to providing a virtual tour of your project.

9. Submit Project
   - Review all information for accuracy.
   - Click "Submit" to send your project details for evaluation.

10. Await Confirmation:
   - Wait for confirmation and further instructions from the Afri-nordic connect team.

11. Engage with Investors:
   - Upon approval, engage with potential investors through virtual events and updates.

12. Access Support Services:
   - Utilize support services such as expert advice and community engagement.

13. Congratulations! Your Project is Registered.
   - Start the journey towards growth and sustainability with Afri-nordic connect website

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