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ANCE is an Edtech platform providing educational consulting services for African students to study in Finland and also empowering African students to learn the Finnish language to study in Finland tuition free.

Overview of study opportunities in Finland for African students

Our programs are designed to prepare you for success in Finnish higher education and give you the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the Finnish job market. 

Finnish Education made easier just for you

Helping students study to Finland is one of our top priorities. Not only do we want to help but we want to make the experience easier and seamless. So we introduced two pathways:

Study in Finnish (tuition-free): Embark on an 10-12 month online Finnish language learning adventure, followed by the opportunity to pursue tuition-free studies in Finland. With this pathway, you have access to the best Finnish language teachers in Finland, guiding you throughout your Finnish language learning journey.

This pathway is open to two categories of students: those aged 14-17, who can engage in high school programs, and individuals aged 18 and above who can explore vocational education programs. 

The focus of our language programmes is to help the students pass the level B1.1. language test which is a requirement to come to study in Finland for Free. Learn more

Study in English (tuition fees): Opt for English programs, which require tuition fees. The process involves a simple English proficiency test to assess your English language skills. To secure your spot, you will pay tuition fees in Finland while studying .

Expand your horizons by studying in English in Finland with AfriProEdu! Immerse yourself in a world-class education while experiencing the unique Finnish culture. Our platform connects you to top universities and programs, offering a wide range of English-taught courses. Elevate your academic journey and prepare for a global future with AfriProEdu. Your international study adventure awaits!

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