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Welcome to ANCE (Afri-Nordic Connect  Education). A specialized platform with tailored approach to fits Africa's social realities. Connecting educators, offering high-quality networking and global education solutions, accelerating positive change in education with  a goal to transfert knowledge from classrooms to the job market, to the economy. Our dynamic program involving leading Finnish education export companies and training organizations. Welcome to the transformative journey with ANCE!

With a mixture of education and innovation, our customised education systems are design to redefine the learning Curriculum structure in Africa. With a focus on adaptability and relevance, Afri-Nordic Connect introduces a dynamic approach designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse educational landscape.

Tailored Solutions for Quality Education in Africa

  • Key Points:

    • Teacher's Empowerment

    • Pedagogical Studies

    • Collaborative Learning

    • Well-being at School

    • Diversified Learning Environments

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