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Before making the payment, kindly fill the registration form.Filling up a registration form is the first mandatory step to reserve your seat for the tour.


1. Education Tour 
- The Finland education tour delves into the Finnish education model, aiming to acquaint participants with its various facets. In contrast, the symposium spans 4-5 days, dedicating initial days to the Finnish model and later focusing on global presentations about creativity in education.

2. Starting Point
- All participants must CHECK IN on Sunday evening at a hotel in Tampere or Helsinki.

3. Accommodation in Finland
- Participants will stay in esteemed 4-star hotels in Helsinki and Tampere, ranging from 120 to 180 Euros per night, inclusive of breakfast.

4. Training Duration
- The training spans 5 nights and 6 days in Finland, with 5 days allocated for official school visits, workshops, and exploration time in Helsinki and Tampere.

5. Meal Inclusions
- Breakfasts are covered by the hotel charges. Lunches and snacks will be provided during official visits, while dinners are not included, allowing participants to savor local cuisines.

6. Visa Processing
- ANCE provides necessary documentation like invitation letters, but participants are responsible for their visa arrangements in their countries.

7. Refund Policy
- Refunds adhere to the cancellation policies of travel agencies and hotels:
  - Less than 30 days before the trip: No refund.
  - Between 30 to 90 days before the trip: 50% refund.
  - More than 90 days before the trip: 80% refund.

8. Key Dates
- Registration and full fee payment deadline: 1 month before the tour.
- Visa and ticketing document submission: 1 month before the tour.
- Note: Schengen Visa processing can take up to 30 working days.

9. Fees, Registration, and Payment

  • VAT Exemption**

- For VAT exemption, register under a company/organization and attach relevant tax certificates or extracts during registration.

  • Customized Visit Program Costs**

- Costs depend largely on participant numbers. A bulk group usually reduces per-participant costs. For specific pricing, contact us with participant numbers.

  • Illness and Travel**

- If unable to travel due to sickness, a colleague from the same organization can replace you. Alternatively, receive a voucher for future CCE Finland events or programs.

  • COVID-19 Concerns

- In case of travel restrictions due to COVID-19, you can reschedule your visit at no extra charge or opt for another CCE Finland event. Full refunds apply if Finnish authorities deny entry or mandate quarantine with negative COVID-19 tests.

  • Visa Invitation Letter**

- Invitation letters are provided post full payment. If a visa is denied and proof is provided, a refund is issued, deducting a 100 euros administrative fee.


Please complete the form to register.

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