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Investor Quick-Start Guide:

This step-by-step guide aims to provide a clear and user-friendly path for investors to engage with the platform and make impactful investment decisions.

Step 1: Explore Projects
- Visit the Diaspora AgriInvest website and navigate to the "Investors" section.
- Browse through a diverse portfolio of pre-vetted agricultural projects from various regions.
- Click on each project to access detailed information, including project goals, estimated returns, and community impact.

Step 2: Register/Login
- If you're a new investor, click on the "Register" button to create your account.
- Fill in the required information, including your name, email, and password.
- If you already have an account, simply log in using your credentials.


Step 3: Choose Your Investment Package
- Once logged in, explore available investment packages based on your preferences and budget.
- Review the minimum investment amount, projected ROI, and lock-in period for each package.
- Select the investment package that aligns with your financial goals.


Step 4: Complete Online Process
- Follow the intuitive online process to complete your investment.
- Input the desired investment amount and review your selected package.
- Provide any additional information required for the investment.
- Proceed to the secure payment gateway to finalize your investment.

Step 5: Monitor Your Investment
- After completing the investment process, gain access to your personalized investor dashboard.
- Track your investment's performance in real-time.
- Receive regular updates on the project's progress, financial reports, and impact metrics.

Step 6: Engage Virtually
- Explore exclusive virtual tours and get an in-depth look at the supported projects.
- Engage with local communities through virtual events and interactive content.
- Connect with fellow investors and share experiences through community forums.

Step 7: Receive Quarterly Reports
- Enjoy transparency with quarterly reports outlining project milestones, financial performance, and community impact.
- Stay informed about your investment's contribution to sustainable development.

Step 8: Extend or Reinvest (Optional)
- If interested, explore options to extend your investment after the lock-in period.
- Reinvest in new projects or diversify your portfolio for continued impact.

Step 9: Collaborate for Mutual Growth
- Consider collaborating with farmers and other investors for community-building initiatives.
- Explore additional engagement opportunities to actively participate in the agricultural impact ecosystem.

Step 10: Reach Out for Support
- If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our dedicated customer support team.
- Attend webinars and workshops to enhance your understanding of agriculture and impact investing.



Congratulations! You've Started Your Impactful Investment Journey with Diaspora AgriInvest.**

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